Best alcohol for Asian Flush

Best Alcohol for Asian Flush

If you have Asian Flush, you know how awful the symptoms can be. Even some amounts of alcohol can trigger a negative reaction, like getting a bright red face, headaches or even dizziness and nausea. Many of us would do anything to prevent Asian Flush.

So what’s the best alcohol for Asian Flush?

Ideally, non-alcoholic drinks are the best because they will not trigger a reaction.

But what if you want to drink alcohol? You could limit alcohol induced flushing by: 

  • Having drinks that have low alcohol content
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Drink alcohol slowly without binge drinking
  • Try non-alcoholic drinks (there’s even non-alcoholic beer!)

1. Choose drinks with low alcohol content

More commonly people are turning to low alcohol content drinks to minimize their facial flushing (or other Asian flush symptoms). While these drinks aren’t always available in bars or pubs, a lot of shops are now selling a variety of drinks with reduced alcohol content – even alcohol like wine and beer.

Of course, you’ll still be drinking alcohol which your body will struggle to metabolize (the reaction that causes alcohol flush reaction). But, your body will have far less alcohol to deal with which can reduce the effect of your symptoms.

No matter what, consuming alcohol when you suffer from Asian Flush or Asian Glow means that you’ll experience symptoms. At least with reduced alcohol content drinks, your symptoms shouldn’t be as severe. Sometimes it’s about finding the best alcohol for Asian Flush that works for you.

Make sure to check out these easy alcoholic drinks to make at home as well!

What do look for in a drink

  • Check the bottle if it includes “sulfites.” High levels of sulfites can cause additional reactions in some people like nasal congestion. Sulfites are commonly found in wine and beer, making these drinks some of the worst for alcohol flushing
  • See if the drink is listed as “low alcohol content,” “reduced alcohol content” or “0% alcohol content”
  • Keep in mind that drinks with “0% alcohol” may actually have a small amount of alcohol in them. In the United Kingdom, “alcohol-free” or “no alcohol beer” can contain less than 0.05% alcohol. If you cannot have any alcohol at all, it’s important to keep this in mind!
  • Choosing drinks that are mixed with soda water or tonic water may help minimise your reaction as it’s more watered down. Soda water is usually preferred over mixing drinks with pop like Coke or Pepsi as high amounts of sugar can make hangovers the next day feel even worse
  • Cold drinks with lots of ice force you to drink slower, which can help with alcohol flushing symptoms. Drinking slower is much more beneficial than choose “fast” drinks like shots.
  • Many grocery store websites have sections for low or no alcohol drinks: Tesco in the UK, Sainsbury’s in the UK, Walmart in the United States and the LCBO in Canada. More and more places are selling high-quality beer, cider and wine with reduced alcohol content.
Drinks for Asian Flush

2. Limit your alcohol intake

Some people with Asian Flush find that their symptoms are tolerable with just one drink. However, drink any more than that and they’ll be suffering through really uncomfortable symptoms.

If you can, try limiting your alcohol intake. You can do this by choosing to have one drink, alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks or choosing drinks with low alcohol content. Whatever works best for you!

3. Drink slowly

Asian Flush occurs when the body is unable to effectively break down alcohol. Alcohol and its toxic byproducts accumulate in the body while you continue drinking, causes all those annoying and embarrassing symptoms.

If you can drink alcohol slower, it gives your body some time to break down these components. You’ll still experience symptoms, because you’re drinking, but at least your body won’t be flooded with alcohol all at once in a short period of time. Keep an eye on your alcohol level throughout the night and give your body some time to catch up!

4. Drink non-alcoholic drinks

This is a sure-fire way of flush prevention because you won’t be consuming any alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks. These could be drinks like pop, water, “virgin” cocktails, or non-alcoholic wines, beers and others. 

It’s the body’s ineffective way of metabolizing alcohol that causes all these Asian Flush issues. If you take alcohol out of the equation, then you don’t get flushing.

Of course, this isn’t always helpful. Sometimes you just want to have a beer with friends or coworkers and not be asked what’s wrong with your bright red face.

Best alcohol for Asian Flush

I want to drink alcohol and not turn red – what can I do?

Here at Asian Flush Cure, we know what it’s like to turn red from alcohol. In an effort to stop this embarrassing and uncomfortable reaction, we’ve been testing and reviewing products. Surprisingly, there’s actually a lot of products on the market for Asian Flush relief and prevention. It’s our goal to test and review as many as possible to give you the best chance of a flush-free night at the bar.

Currently, our top-rated choice is Sunset Alcohol Flush Reaction, but we also see some potential with Essential AD2. We would recommend staying away from patch-type products like Redee and Glowless.

However, we’re still reviewing on our quest to find the best Asian Flush Cure! Have a product you’re interested in that we haven’t tested? Leave a comment and let us know!

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