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Essential AD2 Review | Effective against ALDH2 deficiency?

Essential AD2









  • Good ingredient list
  • Comes in tablet form, rather than visible patches
  • Gives the option to take them daily
  • Information provided about the team behind the supplement


  • Need to be swallowed
  • Doesn't work for everyone
  • Not sold on Amazon
  • If taken daily & while drinking, will go through pills very quickly (and gets expensive)
  • No refund if the bottle is opened

Millions of people around the world deal with an ALDH2 deficiency, commonly called Asian Flush. So what can they do to reduce their symptoms?

Essential AD2 is a product from Deltra Nutra and aims to reduce Asian Flush or alcohol flush reaction symptoms in those with an ineffective ALDH2 enzyme. But does it really work? Kind of!

First – what is ALDH2 deficiency?

An ALDH2 deficiency indicates that the liver is ineffective at metabolizing alcohol. In short: the user will experience negative symptoms when drinking alcohol. These Asian Flush, or ALDH2 deficiency symptoms include things like getting a red face from alcohol, headaches, red eyes, rapid heartbeat and nausea, among many others.

While ALDh2 deficiency symptoms sound like those you feel during a hangover, there’s one major difference: sufferers will experience these symptoms almost immediately after drinking alcohol. For some, the symptoms might appear after only a few sips.

ALDH2 deficiency refers to the ALDH2 enzyme in the liver. However, most people just say Asian Flush, Asian Glow or alcohol flush reaction, when referring to this condition.

What is Essential AD2? 

Essential AD2 are easy-to-swallow pressed tablets (although they are a bit big). Delta Nutra suggests taking two tablets daily to reduce toxic acetaldehyde accumulation and “improve liver health.” If you want to drink alcohol with a ALDH2 deficiency, users will need to take an additional two tablets about 45 minutes before they drink to reduce alcohol flushing.

That means in a day when you want to drink alcohol, you’ll be taking at least four tablets. Two for daily liver health, and another two for drinking alcohol.

Essential AD2 is unique in that they market their product as a daily supplement for acetaldehyde build-up, where other companies do not. You can see how this could be a great strategy, as it requires users to consume more tablets more frequently and thus need more tablets (and spend more money).

How many tablets are in a bottle?

One bottle of Essential AD2 contains 70 tablets. This seems like a lot, but Delta Nutra explains that this covers only a one month supply of 60 tablets and 10 additional tablets to take 45 minutes prior to drinking alcohol. Before each alcohol-session, they recommend taking two capsules, which means 10 tablets only covers five drinking sessions. 

One bottle of 70 tablets currently costs $45 USD, or you can “Subscribe and Save” for $36 and a repeat order every 30 days.

What’s in Essential AD2?

It’s a bit difficult to find a complete and obvious ingredient list for these tablets, but the website does say that “Essential AD2’s Proprietary Blend includes: Niacinamide, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Thiamine, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.”

Many of these ingredients are common in other Asian Flush products. We know that Redee patches also use: NAC, Vitamin C and Alpha-lipoic acid. Sunset Alcohol Flush Support also uses some of these ingredients.

There’s definitely some overlap.

However, a really important ingredient in Asian Flush products is Glutathione, B Vitamins and l-theanine which is absent in Essential AD2. Maybe these ingredients would be enough to push this product to be effective.

Essential AD2 ingredients

Did it work for us?

The short answer: kind of. While Essential AD2 does have some promise, they don’t fully reduce Asian Flush symptoms. We know there isn’t a cure for Asian Flush, but at least this does help.

We weren’t looking for a daily supplement, and have no interest in taking one (or the money it would cost). Our focus is more on finding a product that can be taken before or with alcohol to reduce Asian Flush symptoms. Essential AD2 moderately works, but not always and not highly effectively. Definitely not well enough to warrant the price tag.

However, we do prefer tablets like these, compared to stickers like Redee Patches or Glowless Patches that require you to wear them on your skin.

Essential AD2 reviews

Essential AD2 posts reviews on their website. Of course, we don’t know if any negative reviews have been removed.

Some customers reviews of Essential AD2 include criticisms like:

“One thing I would change is the aftertaste that the pill has. The aftertaste lingers for a bit unless you eat something after to cut the taste.”

“I estimate there is a little reduction of the reddening of my face but still the burning sensation and the blood shot eyes are still there.”

“I followed the directions and used before drinking but it didn’t help.”

Can I get Essential AD2 on Amazon?

Delta Nutra does have a listing on Amazon USA, but it currently shows as unavailable and says “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Amazon has a policy that products with too many negative reviews and/or refunds means the listing will become inactive. This might be the case for Essential AD2.

Amazon reviews on Essential AD2

Their Amazon listing did receive 26 customer reviews before it went unavailable. Essential AD2 Amazon reviews include:

  • “This product is a complete sham. Do not purchase it by any means because it really does not work (trust me, I wanted it to work so badly). Plus it smells like rotten eggs due to some sulfuric compound in it. I took this as directed for a few weeks and still was getting flushed. Delta Nuttrisential even published a paper in a shoddy scientific journal in order to “back up” their claims, but after reading the official paper, I can tell you that the study conducted is full of holes and inaccurate. Do not waste your money!”
  • “Obviously, there is no cure for Asian glow (that I know of). However, this product definitely alleviates the effects of alcohol for me. Without the pill I get very light headed after a couple drinks and very nauseous with a pounding headache. After I take the pill, I don’t get red as easily and can drink more without feeling like I’m about to have a heart attack.”
  • “I took it every day for a week and 1 hour before drinking. It didn’t work. I still felt sick from drinking. I’m so disappointed.”
  • “Followed the directions, does just what it says it does, reduce alcohol flush, makes you feel better. Would highly recommend this product.”

Unfortunately for new customers, there aren’t very many reviews to inform your own decision. While both positive and negative reviews exist, it’s always helpful to have more reviews before making a decision to buy the product.

Essential AD2

Essential AD2 refunds? NO.

Tried Essential AD2 and didn’t get results? You won’t be eligible for a refund. Delta Nutrassentials do not offer refunds on opened orders. Unopened returns will receive a full refund if they are returned within 60 days of purchase.

While it sounds OK, this policy doesn’t really help anyone. If you opened your bottle, tried the product and didn’t like the results – tough. You can’t get a refund. This is definitely something to keep in mind, considering that a single bottle is pretty expensive.

Who are Delta Nutrassentials?

Delta Nutrassentials, or Deltra Nutra, currently only produce Essential AD2. Their website states that it is “clinically proven specifically for the approximately 1 billion people globally who have ALDH2 Deficiency.”

Based in the US, the company has Essential AD2 manufactured in California but it’s hard to find any concrete address on their website. 

The team includes: CEO Amy Chang and founded by Spencer Gordon, both UC Berkeley graduates, Dr. Ken Fujioka, Director of Metabolic Research for Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA, and Dr. Helen Hu, medical doctor practicing both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

This is fairly uncommon for other Asian Flush companies, as you don’t always know who the people are behind the scenes. Both Amy Chang and Spencer Gordon also do various social media posts and Youtube videos with themselves talking about the product, rather than actors. This helps make the company and product feel much more legitimate.

Essential AD2 side effects

Like other Asian Flush products, Essential AD2 uses natural ingredients. Although we know that supplements like these are not required to be tested, their website includes the statement: 

“Dietary supplements do not require review and approval by the FDA. Essential AD2 is an over the counter dietary supplement and cannot be ‘approved’ by the FDA. However, the ingredients in Essential AD2 are all recognized as safe by the FDA, and are manufactured and packaged in an FDA inspected and approved facility that adhere to very strict standards.”

However, just because Essential AD2 uses natural ingredients doesn’t mean that negative reactions are impossible. If you’re unsure how your body will react, please speak to a doctor before taking these tablets.

Our thoughts on Essential AD2

We believe that capsules or tablets are the best method for Asian Flush relief, which is a big advantage for Essential AD2.

While they have a good ingredient list, there are a few more ingredients that could make Essential AD2 more effective like Glutathione or l-theanine. It would also be helpful if they sold their tablets through Amazon, which also helps provide more unbiased reviews for customers.

Overall Essential AD2 is OK, but not the best option available. It certainly works for some people!

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