pepto bismol for asian glow

Pepto Bismol for Asian Glow – does it work?

You’re looking for relief from Asian Glow and you’ve thought: what about Pepto Bismol? Can I use Pepto Bismol for Asian Glow? Good question!

Unfortunately Pepto Bismol will not be able to solve Asian Glow.

Sold as Pepto Bismol, this medicine is actually called Bismuth subsalicylate. Whatever you want to call it, this drug is an antacid which can help conditions like nausea, heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach and diarrhoea. If you’ve ever seen a commercial for Pepto, you’ll probably remember their jingle!

Some people use this medicine as Asian Flush treatment. However it’s important to remember that this drug isn’t for Asian Flush, or alcohol flush reaction. So while it might seem that it works pretty well on preventing Asian Glow (or more specifically, turning red) this drug does nothing to solve the root cause of Asian Glow.

Why shouldn’t I use Pepto Bismol for Asian Flush?

The main thing you remember is that: Pepto Bismol isn’t for Asian Glow. So while it might seem that it’s working and perhaps your face doesn’t turn as red as it normally would, it’s still not fixing Asian Glow.

Alcohol Flush Reaction starts when the body doesn’t metabolise alcohol properly. This leaves toxic chemicals building up in the body while the person drinks alcohol, leading to side effects like getting a bright red face. Asian Glow symptoms are uncomfortable, unpleasant and can be downright embarrassing.

Pepto, and other medicines like Zantac and Pepcid AC, can help reduce redness from alcohol. It’s true! However, they do nothing about the toxic chemicals accumulating in your body from alcohol, the real cause of Asian Glow. There’s also been recent links between Zantac and cancer, so it’s especially important that you are aware of what you’re putting into your body.

Zantac, Pepcid AC and Pepto are commonly recommended among friends but not many people realise there are side effects or health risks. The same goes for the antihistamine Benadryl which is often wrongly used against alcohol flush.

How to prevent Asian Glow

If you’ve decided to move away from Pepto Bismol for Asian Glow, congratulations! There are much better alternatives available. Unfortunately no product will cure Asian Flush, but at least you can see some reduction in your symptoms.

To start, we would recommend checking out our articles on Asian Flush Tablets and Asian Flush patches.

Details on tablet relief: Asian Glow Pill – What’s the best for Asian Glow?
Details on patch relief: Asian Flush Patches – do they work?

Asian Flush pills or patches are the most common methods for relief, each with their own pros and cons. Here at Asian Flush Cure we would recommend capsules, but it’s definitely up to you.

Unfortunately, there is no Asian Glow medicine available on the market to be prescribed from a doctor. If you want to eliminate your symptoms completely, you’ll need to stop drinking alcohol entirely.

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