Asian Glow medicine

Is there any Asian Glow medicine?

If you suffer from Asian Glow, you know how uncomfortable, embarrassing and even painful the symptoms can be. So is there any Asian Glow medicine? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

What can I do for my Asian Glow?

Unfortunately Asian Glow, Asian Flush, or alcohol flush reaction has no prescribed medicine. No matter what you call this incurable condition, there is currently no doctor-prescribed treatment. In any case, doctors will likely tell you to stop drinking alcohol in order to completely stop this negative reaction to alcohol. This is the only treatment that will 100% guarantee to stop negative reactions to alcohol.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t want to completely cut out alcohol from our lives. Is there anything else we can do?

So is there any Asian Glow medicine? No. Sorry!

Until more research is done around this condition, users will need to fend for themselves. More recently, those with Asian Glow are able to use various Asian Glow pills, Asian Glow patches or even Asian Glow drinks to help with symptoms. All of these relatively new products are designed specifically for reducing Asian Flush symptoms, especially turning red from alcohol induced facial flushing.

Here are Asian Flush Cure, we’ve been testing and reviewing these products to see what provides the best relief against Asian Glow. We’ve separated them into three categories: supplements, patches and drinks.

Check out our Asian Flush supplement reviews if you’re interested in a capsule-form of relief.
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Aside from buying a product to help control Asian Glow, there are also a few DIY Asian Flush cures that you can try. Of course, these won’t completely eliminate your symptoms, but they can help. These simple tips are also helpful to use alongside Asian Flush products to get the best relief.

Asian Glow medicine

What about Pepcid AC for Asian Glow?

A common “trick” for dealing with Asian Flush symptoms is to use antihistamines and antacids like Pepcid AC and Zantac. These drugs can help reduce the visual symptoms of Asian Flush (getting a red face) but they don’t do anything about the toxic chemicals in the body. These chemicals are what’s causing the reaction in the first place, but continue to accumulate in the body when the individual takes Pepcid AC.

Most friends and family members with Asian Glow recommend these drugs, without even understanding why they’re harmful. Many times it’s a household trick passed down through generations.

There’s also been new evidence linking Zantac and cancer. Zantac and many generic versions have been recalled in the US for this very reason. If you are still using this drug for Asian Flush relief, make sure to read up on the new concerns.

Others use Benadryl off-label against alcohol flushing, which simply hides the symptoms rather than solves the underlying issue.

Not sure if you have Asian Glow? Watch this!

What is Asian Glow?

Asian Glow, or Asian Flush (or even alcohol flush reaction or alcohol flush syndrome) refers to a condition that makes metabolizing alcohol difficult.

In a regular situation, the body fully breaks down alcohol and its toxic byproducts. If the individual drinks too much or too quickly, they’ll likely be hungover the next day. However, they won’t experience the immediate negative side effects from alcohol like those with Asian Glow.

Asian Glow symptoms:

Those with Asian Glow have a genetic mutation which means their bodies have a hard time breaking down alcohol. Researchers have linked this condition to a higher risk of esophageal cancer and other health conditions. Some believe that Asian Glow means that Asians are allergic to alcohol, but this isn’t exactly true. Even Caucasians can have Asian Glow. It all depends if you have this genetic mutation.

However, many Asians experience this condition, especially those of East Asian descent (hence the name). But really, this is an alcohol flush reaction.

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