Can people with Asian Glow get drunk

Can people with Asian glow get drunk and wasted?

Can people with Asian Glow get drunk and wasted? Yes and no!

Not sure what this all means? That’s OK.

Drunk (adjective): Affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behaviour.

In basic terms, someone who is drunk is affected by alcohol. They might be slurring their words, unable to walk properly or being more extroverted and sillier than they normally would be.

Oftentimes, when we think of “a good level of drunk” we think of someone who feels more confident than normal, who isn’t afraid to talk to someone new at the bar or seems a lot funnier than usual. This stage of drunk may only take a beer or two for some, or more for others. But can people with Asian Glow get to this level of drunk or wasted? Not really.

What tends to happen is those with Asian Glow skip over this “pleasant” level of drunk and go straight to feeling sick.

So while technically they are drunk, they don’t experience the “happy” side effects of drinking, like increased confidence. Instead, they go straight to experiencing headaches, dizziness, congestion and flushed skin. Some may even throw up if they consume too much alcohol, halting the “getting drunk” phase and skipping right to the “sick from alcohol” phase.

But what is Asian Glow?

Are you one of the many people who turn red after a single glass of wine? Or maybe you get a rapid heartbeat and flushed cheeks after one beer?

We call this reaction Asian Glow.

Although this condition has many names, such as alcohol flush reaction, Asian Glow or Asian Flush, it all comes down to experiencing unpleasant symptoms when drinking alcohol. Many people experience Asian Glow, especially those of East Asian descent, such as Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. Those with Asian Glow have an inherited deficiency in their liver that makes alcohol metabolism really difficult.

In short: People with Asian Glow cannot break down alcohol as quickly as normal. This means that alcohol, and its toxic by-products, build up in their body while they drink alcohol. It’s these toxic and harmful chemicals that cause all the negative symptoms such as turning bright red and getting a stuffy nose.

A common Asian Glow timeline may look like this:

  • Individual with Asian Glow has some alcohol. In extreme cases, they may only need a few sips before symptoms begin.
  • Asian Glow, or Asian Flush symptoms start. These symptoms can include flushed skin (especially a flushed face), headaches, rapid heartbeat, congestion, nausea, etc.
  • The following day, the individual may still feel negative symptoms or an even worse hangover.

So can people with Asian Glow get drunk and wasted? It depends on what you consider drunk. Asian Glow symptoms can be very similar to drunk or hangover symptoms, such as nausea and dizziness. However, those with Asian Glow can miss out on the “fun in-between symptoms” that some may experience when drunk. It comes down to how their body converts alcohol (or rather, how it doesn’t).

Asian Glow

If I have Asian Glow, how can I get drunk?

Drinking is a huge part of society these days and it’s hard to avoid. You want to drink so you can fit in, but you don’t want to feel horrible while doing it. You want to find a perfect balance between drinking and feeling the “fun” aspects of getting drunk, without your Asian Glow symptoms getting out of control.

Some people turn to using antihistamines off-label to help control their reactions. However, this isn’t the intended use of the medicine and can be dangerous. A common drug used against Asian Glow is Zantac, which has recently been pulled out of stores over a possible cancer link.

Others turn to supplements, drinks and patches for Asian Flush relief. There’s been a huge influx of products on the market to help those with Asian Glow. We know what it’s like to feel these awful symptoms. That’s why we’ve begun testing, ranking and sharing our results of various Asian Glow cures available today. Currently our top options for Asian Glow is Sunset Alcohol Flush Support but we’re always looking for the next best thing. If you don’t like capsule-form, there are other products like flush-reducing drinks instead.

It’s important to remember that symptoms from Asian Glow happen for a reason. This is your body’s way of telling you that you have a build-up of toxic chemicals in your system from alcohol. While misusing antihistamines can reduce some of your symptoms, it doesn’t account for all the chemicals accumulating in your body. That’s where these new Asian Glow supplements can come in handy.

A proper Asian Glow supplement will help reduce these harmful chemicals in your system which in turn will reduce your Asian Glow symptoms. Who knows? You might even be able to get drunk without feeling sick.

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